Do you never seem to figure out what to put on? Good news: you are not the only one. Even better news: there are changes you can make to improve the outfit picking problem.

The problem is you try choosing what to wear during the morning rush. The results are either you get late, or you put on a not-so-cool outfit.

Follow the tips outlined below to be able to figure out an outfit in no time.

Closet organization

Usually, you have a hard time choosing out clothes because you can’t find them. And, the reason you are not finding them is disorganization in your closet. So, arrange your wardrobe. You will not only see what you want easily but also know what types of clothes you have to shop.

Organize your clothes too. The most logical closet organization technique is on an item-by-item basis, where you have a section for shirts, another for dresses, and so forth. That way, you will easily locate the piece of clothing needed to complete a certain outfit.

Create a section of versatile tops and bottoms

You will not always have enough time to pick an outfit carefully. Therefore, create a section, in your closet, for versatile bottoms and tops. In this case, versatile means clothes you can match and accessorize easily. These should be pieces of clothing that define your primary style. Also, they should be classical (attires which will not go out of fashion).

Quickly put together an outfit by focusing on one piece

Want to figure out an outfit quickly? Then learn to assemble outfits based on one piece. In other words, your outfit should have one attention-grabbing item. Let’s say you have a gorgeous floral skirt. Work around what will complement it.

To illustrate, said skirt could go well with a neutral color blouse and a blazer and shoes that match one of the colors in the floral design. That way, your dress remains the highlight. Plus, you will not appear overdressed.

Another way to quickly figuring out an outfit is by focusing on one color. You could choose a different color every week. So, you will pick a piece of the same color, say blue, every morning and create an outfit based on your pick. Then the following week, you pick a different color.

Mix and match

Do not stick to one style. Yes, a t-shirt and jeans go together. And, blazers are for dresses. But, who said you couldn’t match that blazer with a colorful t-shirt, and a nice pair of skinny jeans.

Similarly, you could roll up the cuffs of your jeans and wear sandals. Plus, you might find some boots going well with short dresses. The point is, through mix and match, you can create varied outfits, even with a limited number of choices.

Create a personal outfit library

Every now and then, through mix and matching, you create new outfits and a personal style. However, not all you create works. And, you will not recall everything that clicked. Therefore, consider taking pictures of each new outfit you try. This “outfit library” will act as a reference anytime you are not sure what to wear.

Find new outfit and style ideas

You can find new outfit ideas in magazines, tv shows, and websites focusing on trends, fashion, and design. Also, the mannequins you see through boutique windows are excellent sources of outfit inspiration.

More importantly, do not shy away from experimenting. You can’t get good at figuring out outfits if you are not bold enough to experiment something different. Besides, try, and error allows you to identify a personal style since you will find out your likes and dislikes.