No one would ever contend with the fact that we always want to have an organized and clean home. However, due to busy schedules and procrastination issue at times, some people find it really challenging to maintain a tidy home.

If you’ve been meaning to keep your home clean, start with these 5 suggestions:

  1. Remove the Unnecessary. Eliminating excess stuff will help you a lot to keep an organized home. You just have to determine the appliances and fixtures that you barely used and place them inside the stockroom.
  2. Employ Changes. You cannot stop your children from playing in your house, so the most that you can do is to adjust. You may install a couple of whiteboards somewhere in your home and tell the children to write there instead of vandalizing the corners of your walls. You may also add labels on the trash cans so that they would know where to shoot their trashes after playing.
  3. Make it Habitual. Discipline is really a big word. If you got the right dose of discipline within yourself, no doubt that you could attain a ‘flawless’ home soon. You need to make cleaning your home as part of your daily routine. You may insert the cleaning process before going to the bathroom so that you’ll be compelled to do it first.
  4. Tell Other People. You cannot guard your house 24/ 7; hence, you need to tell others on the things that they must do to keep the home clean. Tell them the dos and donts, and you’ll always have that peace of mind wherever you go.
  5. 10-Minute Rule. Another way of ensuring that your home is always tidy is to establish the 10-minute pick- up routine at night. The exact time depends on your preference since not all get home at the same time.